ACR GlobalFix Pro 406 2844 EPIRB Category II Rescue Beacon, Manual Release Bracket, Built-in GPS – $449.95

Global Fix Pro 406 EPIRB Cat II, MFG# 2844, Manual release, built-in GPS. Built-in strobe, 121. 5MHz homing beason, 48 hours min broadcast time, 5 yr. non-hazmat lithium battery, self test. Mounting bracket included. 6. 3 Watt transmitter. The MMSI can be programmed in by the customer and is very easy to do.The 406 MHz signal is directed to SARSAT birds (e.g. NOAA GOES satellites) to be related to global rescue centers.

The 121.5 MHz signal is a local homing beacon on the internationally recognized distress frequency in the AM aircraft communication spectrum. The two work in concert; the 406 MHz signal communicates GPS fixes, while the 121.5 MHz signal allows local homing using directional antenna equipment.
ACR GlobalFix Pro 406 2844 EPIRB Category II Rescue Beacon with Manual Release Bracket and Built-in GPS
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The GPS position will be updated regularly so Search and Rescue can find you faster and pinpoint your location with greater accuracy. This greatly reduces the time it takes them to find you vs non-GPS units. The unit will alternate between sending your GPS coordinates and resting to preserve battery but it will update new coordinates after deployed.

  • FastACQ GPS engine acquires LAT/LON from a cold start better than normal GPS engines
  • 100 m (110 yds.) GPS position accuracy, optimum allowed by COSPAS-SARSAT
  • Floats upright with high visibility built-in strobe
  • Transmits on 406 MHz (COSPAS-SARSAT) with your registered, digitally-coded distress signal, and 121. 5 MHz (SAR homing frequency)
  • High-impact polycarbonate case with non-tangling lanyard