Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak III First Aid Medical Kit – $39.99

Our most advanced trauma kit, the Adventure Medical Kits’ Trauma Pak III First Aid Kit puts medical supplies in civilian hands, empowering you to take action to stop bleeding as it occurs. The waterproof, resealable trauma bag contains military-style tools and emergency supplies in a package compact and durable enough to keep in your glove box.

Inside, you’ll find a pressure trauma dressing (Israeli Bandage), which combines gauze, trauma pad, and pressure applicator into one, easy-to-use emergency bandage, capable of providing up to 40-pounds of direct pressure to stop bleeding fast and control most major bleeds. If bleeding continues, this bleeding control kit contains a windlass tourniquet.
Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak III First Aid Medical Kit
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This well-known and combat-proven tourniquet, applied correctly, can help you control even arterial bleeds. Easy-to-follow instructions outline how to use the kit contents for first aid, with illustrations showing proper application of the dressing and tourniquet. This tactical trauma pack also includes a marker to write the tourniquet application time and Patient Assessment Form, EMT shears to cut through fabric, nitrile gloves for proper protection against blood borne pathogens, and a triangular bandage to stabilize limbs.

Whether you’re looking for a medical kit to add to your individual first aid kit (IFAK), first responder kit, range bag, or vehicle, the Trauma Pak III provides you with the professional tools you need to be safe and stop bleeding fast.

  • This trauma bag contains the essentials you need to stop bleeding in an easy-to-use format
  • Apply direct pressure to wounds with the 4 inch pressure trauma dressing (Israeli Bandage)
  • Stop persistent bleeds with the windlass tourniquet, the most well-known, military-style tourniquets
  • Contains nitrile gloves for proper protection and a marker for writing the time on the tourniquet
  • Only 8 ounces and is a compact addition to your glove box, range bag, backpack, or first aid kit