Keter 245115 Newton 7.5×9 Large Outdoor Resin Storage Shed, Brown – $2,998

The Keter Newton outdoor storage shed has a secure design with a steel reinforced frame. It is ideal for garden use, & it makes outdoor storage easy. It serves as a utility shed made of resin for backyard purposes. Organization is easy with this utility garden shed that can also serve as an outdoor woodshed or Supply unit. Imagine a backyard event where all the organization is already done in advance. This spacious utility storage shed by Keter is durable & secure, yet it has a modern design for multi-purpose events. Use it for pool parties, barbecues, social gatherings & special occasions.

The Keter Newton 7.5×9 shed by Keter can make an ideal outdoor storage unit for a lawn mower, but it also stores garden supplies, backyard maintenance tools & other items. Improve your backyard Organization skills with this spacious utility shed with a durable & secure structure. This backyard resin shed provides garbage can space, tool organization & supply storage. Keep It near the pool, patio or deck for easy access as a utility shed.
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Keter created a durable and secure design for minimal maintenance. This spacious utility shed made of resin can withstand extreme conditions. This makes it a great storage shed for any outdoor use including garden organization and backyard supply storage. The inside has a vent and a window, which guards against rust, rot and mildew.

Measures: 112.9 in. L x 89.9 in. W x 99.4 in. H
Storage capacity: 583 cu. Ft.
Floor weight capacity: 20 PSF
Roof weight capacity: 30 PSF