Keter Factor 8×8 Foot Outdoor Shed – $2,144.81

The Keter Factor Shed – 8×8 – The ultimate combination of form & function
To keep the elements at bay, the Keter Factor shed is made of a strong and durable resin. This material is not only weather-proof, but it is also resistant to rot, rust, and dangerous UV rays. The exterior of this shed will never fade, unravel, or require any sort of maintenance from you. The Keter Factor Shed surface is easy to clean and will remain looking like new for a long time. You’ll never have to worry about repainting the outside or inside of the Factor.

  • Exterior dimensions: 100.5 in. L x 101 in. W x 95.5 in. H
  • Interior dimensions: 93 in. W x 93.5 in. D x 94 in. H
  • Double Door Opening: 54.5 in. W x 75.2 in. H
  • Storage capacity: 420 cu. Ft.
  • Wide double doors
  • Sturdy floor panel
  • Will not peel, rot or rust

Keter Factor 8x8 Foot Outdoor Shed
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Lockable for Extra Security

Peace of mind starts here with a lockable door. Just add your own padlock and you’ll have a secure way to store your belongings.

The 3-D tile roof has strategically placed vents to ensure adequate ventilation, so items that are kept in this well-designed storage shed get plenty of fresh air while being protected from the elements.

Shelving Options
Included 2 shelves with brackets

Skylights for Natural Light
Say goodbye to dark and musty, and hello to bright and fresh! Thanks to the included window and skylight, you will have plenty of natural lighting.