Keter Oakland 7.5 x 9 Outdoor Duotech Storage Shed, paintable, with Window and Skylight, Grey – $2,558.50

Give your backyard the style it deserves and the strength it needs. The Oakland 759 is an ultra-rugged, weather-resistant shed that provides generous storage space with a heavy-duty floor, heavy-duty ceiling and a double wall build with steel reinforcement. Style-wise, its Duotech walls boast an attractive weathered wooden texture that is uniquely paintable as well as double doors, a skylight and Victorian-style window.

The Oakland shed by Keter features a unique polypropylene resin plastic material with the look of rough-hewn wood. This rugged appearance blends in with your outdoor landscape, making the shed a natural part of the yard from the moment you set it up. If the original color doesn’t match the theme of your home, this storage shed can be painted as desired, a feature you won’t find with any other resin shed. The double doors mimic the look of real wood while the Victorian-style window brings a touch of elegance to this storage building.

The Keter Oakland shed makes a great workshop as well. The roomy interior provides more than adequate space to set up a workbench while the rugged floor stands up to repeated heavy use. With both a skylight and a window, you get enough natural brightness to illuminate your seasonal projects. Design your own work area and enjoy all of your favorite hobbies in a private, organized space. This gets your equipment out of the house and gives you the freedom to work whenever you like.
Keter Oakland 7.5 x 9 Outdoor Duotech Storage Shed, paintable, with Window and Skylight
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Choosing the Oakland Shed for your storage needs gives you:

External Measurements: 90.2” W x 112.9” D x 95.2” H
Internal Measurements: 79.0” W x 103.0” D x 90.5” H
The first truly paintable and customizable plastic shed
Heavy duty polypropylene resin construction with steel structural reinforcement for extra durability
Maintenance-free 7.5-foot by 9-foot storage space with 390 Gal storage capacity
Sturdy 3.2-inch thick tile roof with a reinforcing rafter beam
Rib-enforced, talc-fortified wall panels
Heavy-duty floor paneling suitable for storing heavy items
Stainless steel lock with padlock compatibility (lock not included)
Snow load of 20 PSF to stand up to winter weather
Built-in ventilation, long side windows, and a full-length skylight
Tongue and groove panels for quick and easy assembly