Leisure Season Storage Shed Waterproof Cedar Cabinet 31″L x 59″W x 65″H – $733.03

The Medium Storage Shed by Leisure Season is a practical DIY outdoor storage solution!

SPACIOUS & ROOMY – At 31″L x 59″W x 65″H, this shed has more than enough room for your equipment and tall tools like rakes. The cabinet has adjustable shelves and a door mount hanger with multiple hooks.

Our wooden storage shed is designed and prefabricated to provide a safe, enclosed area for your important possessions. You can rest assured that your tools, shoes, or old toys won’t be accessed by pesky critters. The wooden box also makes it very convenient for you to access the things you need if you plan to use it as a garden tool shed. You won’t have to walk all the way back to the house or garage for your tools.

Aside from giving you the extra space you need, our medium storage shed also has wooden shelves you can adjust to fit both small and large items. The other half can hold extra-large items, such as a sack of fertilizer or tools with long handles. We also incorporated hooks behind one of the doors so you can conveniently hang work gloves, rakes, shovels, or an apron. All these compartments are created to help you organize your items according to type and use.
Leisure Season Storage Shed Waterproof Cedar Cabinet 31"L x 59"W x 65"H
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We at Leisure Season made sure that our wooden shed is built for year-round outdoor use. The tongue and groove construction ensures that moisture won’t be able to penetrate the walls, doors, roof, or even the floor of this outdoor cabinet. This way, come rain, shine, or snowfall, the important items inside the storage shed are kept safe, dry, and protected from damage caused by environmental elements.

A prefabricated storage shed is a more practical option over building one from scratch. Our kit includes all the necessary parts and materials needed to create your very own storage shed right in your own backyard. We included an easy-to-follow assembly set of instructions inside the package to make the process easier for you. This will make a wonderful present for weddings, anniversaries, and house warming events.

Proper assembly and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your wooden storage shed. Our medium garden tool organizer does not require special cleaning products or tools to keep it in tip-top shape. Simply clean it regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Dip the cloth in a mild soapy solution and wipe inside and outside of the shed, making sure all items are taken out before doing so. Wipe it dry before putting your items back in.

We use nothing but top-grade wooden material for our storage shed. Each part is manufactured with the help of expert craftsmen to make sure that it is built with utmost care and attention to detail and design. Our lush wooden storage shed is not only functional, but also complements many interior design styles. Perfect for modern, country rustic, Cape Cod-style, Americana, and barnyard chic inspired homes, restaurants, and buildings.