Marine First Aid Kit Adventure® Medical Kits Marine 2000 – for Offshore Sailing, Cruising, Fishing – $724.77

Adventure® Medical Kits Marine 2000 – Well-stocked to meet the needs of cruise ships, yachts, commercial fishing vessels, and other large ships, the Marine 2000 has the supplies to treat nearly any boating injury and the professional tools to provide advanced trauma care.

This Marine first aid kit contains enough emergency supplies in a water resistant case for a medium crew on vessels sailing more than 24 hours from medical care. Equip your vessel or yacht with the supplies you need to treat hypothermia, dental emergencies, seasickness, fractures, jelly fish stings, and nearly any other boating injury until medical professionals can be reached. The contents are organized by injury, making it easy for crew members to find what they need quickly.

An essential addition to boat safety equipment, the kit comes with the Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine written by marine medicine expert Michael Jacobs, MD, and Eric Weiss, MD. This detailed resource helps you identify and treat over 200 injuries and illnesses specifically related to marine medicine. The water-resistant, padded case has a texturized rubber bottom to protect its contents and resist slipping on wet surfaces. Leave port knowing you’re prepared with professional tools and the finest in boating safety.

First aid for a group of 1-6 people on trips less than 6 hours from medical care. Ideally used for marine.

Aloe Vera, Acetaminophen (500mg), Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25mg), Aspirin (325mg), Cold Medicine Medicidin-D, Cortisone Cream 1%, 1/32 oz (.9g), Cough Syrup, 1.5fl oz, Diamode (Loperamide HCI 2mg), Diotame (Bismuth Subsalicylate), Ear Drops, 1fl oz), Eye Wash, 2/3oz (20ml), Nasal Decongestant Spray, 1/2 fl oz
Marine First Aid Kit Adventure® Medical Kits Marine 2000 - for Offshore Sailing, Cruising, Fishing
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MARINE MEDICINE A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE: Know how to handle marine first aid emergencies with this detailed manual, written by medical doctors Weiss and Jacobs and recommended by the US Sailing Association. The guide includes over 100 illustrations and 50 improvised techniques for providing emergency care while at sea, including injury prevention tips, symptom lists, and treatment for submersion injuries, drownings, and hazardous marine life.

A HOSPITAL AT SEA: Be prepared even when cruising days from land or visiting a foreign port. With this comprehensive first aid kit, you can deliver injections and IVs using the IV administration set, sew sutures with the suture kit, make temporary fillings for cavities with the dental kit, and monitor blood pressure using the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.

EASY CARE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM & DOCTOR DESIGNED: Identify and find what you need quickly in the easily accessible, injury-specific pockets individually packaged in waterproof bags with reference cards to treat everything from basic to advanced illnesses and trauma. Designed with the help of USCG captain and marine medicine expert Michael Jacobs, M.D., this kit was developed with mariners in mind.

PROFESSIONAL TOOLS & SUPPLIES: Provide advanced medical care in survival situations with a flexible C-Splint, scalpel, elastic bandages in two sizes, EMT shears, precision forceps and more. Deliver hospital-quality care for burns, bleeding, and other wounds using quality emergency supplies like trauma pads, GlacierGel burn dressings, triangular bandages, nitrile gloves, sterile dressings, and waterproof bandages.

CPR & HYPOTHERMIA TREATMENT: Administer protected mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate drowning or choking victims using the high quality CPR face mask. Open airways with oral airways in six sizes. Wrap patients in the 90% heat reflective emergency blanket to prevent hypothermia or shock.