Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw with 6.0 Ah Battery and Charger – $381.79

Oregon CS300 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw
The Oregon CS300 Chainsaw starts instantly and easily cuts through trees and limbs. The brushless motor delivers a powerful combination of speed and torque, and our premium 40V MAX battery ensures zero emissions. Sharpen the chain in seconds with the built-in PowerSharp system, exclusive to Oregon. With the Oregon PowerSharp Sharpening System, there’s no more downtime due to dull chain. You can sharpen on the saw, on the job, in seconds with the pull of a lever.

High performance & optimal balance
The Oregon CS300 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw innovative brushless motor delivers high power and torque. Weighing only 12 lbs, the CS300 is designed to distribute weight evenly for easy handling.
PowerSharp keeps your chain sharp
When your saw chain is sharp, it does the work. When it’s not, you do the work – and your guide bar and drive sprocket will wear more rapidly. Our patented, built-in PowerSharp Sharpening System makes it easy to keep saw chain sharp and performing its best.
Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw with 6.0 Ah Battery and Charger
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  • Brushless motor provides increased efficiency and power output
  • PowerSharp chain minimizes downtime by allowing you to sharpen your saw right on the chain within seconds. The chain stays oiled using the built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system which reduces chain friction and increases the saw’s run time.
  • Lightweight for comfort and ease of use
  • Silent between cuts
  • Chainsaw starts with the pull of a trigger – no pull cords
  • Premium cell technology means constant no-fade power and holds a charge in storage for month
  • Run Time – Cuts approximately 400 branches 2-3 Inch in diameter on a single battery charge
  • Tool Weight with Guide Bar and Chain: 12.0 lb (5.4kg) with battery