Rapid Care First Aid 80095 4 Shel, All Purpose First Aid Cabinet, ANSI/OSHA Compliant, Wall Mountable – 1,110 Pieces – $136.92

The Rapid Care First Aid 1110 piece industrial first aid cabinet is a 4-Shelf ANSI/OSHA approved industrial first aid kit housed in a moisture resistant wall mountable metal cabinet. This heavy duty first aid station is perfect for job sites, large office settings or manufacturing facilities. This kit offers a large selection of first aid supplies to assist in many emergency situations for up to 250 people.


  • Aspirin Tablets 100ct – Aspirin 325 mg
  • Non-Aspirin Tablets 100ct – Acetaminophen 325 mg
  • Pain Relief Tablets 100ct – Aspirin 162 mg / Acetaminophen 110 mg / Salicylamide 152 mg / Caffeine 32.4 mg
  • Antacid Tablets 100ct – Calcium Carbonate 420 mg

Rapid Care First Aid 80095 4 Shelf, All Purpose First Aid Cabinet
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Rapid Care First Aid was founded with the focus of health and safety of its customers. What was once a small family-owned business over a decade ago has become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of first aid products. Rapid Care offers a full line of first aid kits for every use, be it in the workplace, on the road, on a camping trip or at home. Rapid Care First Aid products are trusted by hospitals, job sites, fire departments, police departments and schools across the nation. We work tirelessly to ensure you have one of the best quality first aid supplies at competitive prices. All of our products are reviewed by our quality control team to ensure they are fully packed and meet standards.