Rapid Care First Aid All Purpose First Aid Kit Cabinet 4 Shelf , Over 1,500 Pieces, Class A+, Exceeds OSHA/ANSI Z308.1 2015 – $221.33

The Rapid Care First Aid class a+ ANSI 2015/ OSHA 4 shelf industrial first aid cabinet/station with over 1500 pieces is designed to provide first aid products for medium to larger sized businesses, offices and job sites. Serves up to 250 people. Contents are color-coded for easy identification in an emergency and all items are easily accessible. Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI 2015 standard fill requirements. This cabinet/ station is assembled with components of us and imported Origin meeting strict FDA, OSHA, and ANSI guidelines. The metal latched swing open door allows for easy access to contents and permanent handle makes this first aid cabinet/ station fully portable. Meets and Exceeded OSHA and ANSI Z308.1 2015 class a requirements

Rapid Care First Aid Class A+ 4 Shelf OSHA/ANSI First Aid Kit Cabinet
Rapid Care First Aid All Purpose First Aid Kit Cabinet 4 Shelf , Over 1,500 Pieces
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About This Cabinet
Rapid Care First Aid’s Class A+ 4 Shelf Cabinet is fully compliant with ANSI Z308.1 2015 standards and meets or exceeds Federal OSHA Regulations (may vary by region). With over 1,500 pieces, our Class A+ 4 shelf first aid kit cabinet is ideal for any job site, facility, home or office. Our Class A+ 4 Shelf First Aid Cabinet comes in a white moisture resistant steel case which is wall-mountable. The latches on our first aid cabinet close securely to keep the contents in place at all times when transporting. Our Class A+ 4 Shelf First Aid Cabinet also comes with a First Aid Booklet which offers help and guidance in emergency situations.

Rapid Care is here wherever and whenever you need safety
Rapid Care provides a full spectrum of first aid products that meet and exceed OSHA guidelines and ANSI standards. By choosing Rapid Care, you can rest assured your school, job site, warehouse or office is in full compliance with the most up to date standards. We know our products need to perform during critical moments, be it a minor bruise on the soccer field or a more serious injury from a workplace accident. We stand behind each and every kit sold. Every Rapid Care First Aid kit is designed with purpose and manufactured with care so it will be there when you need it most.