Stihl 25″ Full Chisel Saw Chain 3623-005-0084 33RSC-84 – $47.99

84 Drive Links 3/8″ Pitch Fits many chainsaws with 25″ or 24″ guide bars .050″ Gauge Full chisel Chain for a more aggressive cut. Check your saw bar to make sure it is compatible Applications: Best suited for higher-powered chainsaws, the RS chain is ideal for forestry and industry, including felling, bucking and limbing. These aggressive cutting chains are designed for trained professional cutters with extraordinary cutting needs. This is the yellow chain. More aggressive and has more kickback. Stihl recommends only individuals with experience with dealing with kickback use this chain.
Stihl 25" Full Chisel Saw Chain 3623-005-0084 33RSC-84
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