XtremepowerUS 22 inch 2.4HP 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Chainsaw, Industry Engine Motor EPA – $139.95

The XtremepowerUS 2.4 HP Gas Chainsaw will allow you to cut through stubborn trees fast and effortlessly. Features an anti kickback chain that provides a safer alternative for novice users as well as providing extra comfort of safety for those professional day to day workers. Equipped with a 2.4 HP EcoBoost engine for increase in power with efficiency in mind, as a result it reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Features a clean engine air-intake system which efficiently prevent dust from entering into the engine.

22” 2.4 HP 45cc Gasoline motor
This chainsaw packs a punch with the 2.4HP EcoBoost engine while also having efficient low fuel consumption. Makes this chainsaw optimal for those that are looking to get through all their work fast and effortlessly, while also not having to end up constantly worrying about running out of fuel.
XtremepowerUS 22 inch 2.4HP 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Chainsaw, Industry Engine Motor EPA
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Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Inspection
Instructions on how to perform maintenance, inspection and troubleshooting are listed in the manual that comes with every XtremepowerUS 2.4 HP Gas Chainsaw.

Easily Adjustable
Easily access and adjust the tightness of the chain, carburetor, fuel and air filters with ease. Providing you with the control and adjustability that brings out the best performance of our chainsaw that is optimal for your working conditions.

Lightweight and Ergonomic for easy use
The XtremepowerUS 2.4 HP Gas Chainsaw is lightweight and will be easy on the operator handling the chainsaw during prolonged use.The well-designed chainsaw allows it to start easily and begin cutting through tough trees like it is nothing.